Rainbow Flag Award

The Rainbow Flag Award is a national quality assurance framework for primary schools, secondary schools and SEND schools. The award focuses on positive LGBT+, (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, plus other related identities), inclusion and visibility. The Rainbow Flag Award encourages a whole school approach to positive LGBT+ inclusion, as well as developing strategies to effectively challenge and combat LGBT phobic bullying.


  • Lesbian: A woman who is attracted to other women.
  • Gay: A man who is attracted to other men. Sometimes the word ‘gay’ is used by women who are attracted to women too.
  • Bisexual: A person of any gender who experiences attraction to people of their own gender, and other genders.
  • Transgender: A person whose gender identity is in some way different to the gender they were assigned at birth.


Where to access support

Please contact any member of the LGBT team at Fairfield if you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss.

You can also seek local support from https://www.lgbtplusnotts.org.uk/ who “provide a range of specialist services for children and young people aged 11-25 who identify as LGBT+ or may be questioning this.”

Information on national support services for LGBTQIA+ can be found on the Prince’s trust website here.

Who can I talk to in school?